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Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Space with Our Professional Repair Services

Welcome to Ambesha Africa, where we bring new life to your cherished patio furniture. Our expert repair services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each piece, ensuring your outdoor living spaces continue to shine with elegance and comfort. From wicker restoration to structural repairs, we use only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to restore your furniture to its former glory. With a commitment to excellence that has seen us through years without a callback, we guarantee satisfaction in every repair. Let us help you extend the life and beauty of your patio furniture, making every moment outdoors exceptional.

Bespoke Creations & Restoration Projects


Before: Time-Worn Charm

Witness the character of natural wear, a chair that's weathered the elements, ready for Ambesha Africa's restorative touch.


After: Meticulously Restored

Marvel at the revival, where skilled craftsmanship restores this wicker chair to its original splendor, ready for more years of enjoyment.


Pre-Restoration: Aged by Elements

Here stands a testament to time—a patio set that has braved the outdoors, poised for Ambesha Africa's touch of renewal.


Post-Restoration: Pristine Condition

Behold the seamless restoration—a lounge set revived to its prime, each strand woven back into perfection, ready for more sunny days.


Before: The Character of Time

A candid snapshot of elegance facing the test of time, this dining set awaits the expert revival only Ambesha Africa can provide.


After: Restored Sophistication

Presenting a dining set reborn, with every detail meticulously woven back into sophistication, ready to host countless memories anew.


Before: Elegance Awaiting Renewal

An open-armed invitation to restoration, this circular lounge set stands poised for Ambesha Africa’s transformative craftsmanship.


After: Radiant Circular Revival

The circle is complete, with every wicker curve and contour meticulously restored, showcasing Ambesha Africa's commitment to restoration artistry.


Before: Worn Yet Welcoming

A snapshot of resilience: this outdoor sofa set, despite its wear, holds the promise of comfort, poised for a transformative revival.


After: Reinvigorated Comfort

Restored to its inviting allure, this sofa set now stands as a testament to the enduring elegance achieved through Ambesha Africa's expert restoration.


Before: Bask in Potential

Captured here is the raw potential of craftsmanship, an outdoor ensemble that holds the memories of many gatherings, awaiting Ambesha Africa's restorative expertise.


After: Alfresco Elegance Restored

The transformation is complete, with the patio set now exuding sophistication and comfort, fully prepared to host new moments under the sun, courtesy of Ambesha Africa's dedicated artisans.


Before: Time's Gentle Touch

This chair tells a story of many serene afternoons; its frayed edges are a quiet testament to natural wear, inviting a skilled revival.


After: Woven to Perfection

Renewed with precision and care, the chair's intricate wickerwork has been restored, ready to cradle new moments of relaxation and joy.

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