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Are you still in love with your furniture, but time and age have taken their toll? Don’t say goodbye just yet. With our specialized repair skills, we can rejuvenate your beloved pieces and make them look young and new again. Best of all, our cost-effective solutions are built to last.
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Custom Patio Covers

Custom patio furniture often needs protection against harsh weather conditions. These covers are made from Ripson which is waterproof and UV protected.

  • Sun could weaken wicker if furniture is left in sun without shade over long periods of time.
  • Cushion cover colors can fade in direct sunlight.
  • Sun is harsher on Glass tops when placed in direct sunlight and can cause the wicker to break.
  • Prevent premature wear.
  • Protect soft materials from rain.
  • Protect Furniture & Cushions from bird droppings.

Upholstery Services

Need new cushion covers or just a fresh new look?

We offer re-upholstery services for all patio furniture cushion types. You do not have to own an Ambesha Africa patio set to receive this service, we offer our services to anyone who owns patio furniture.

Contact us for a selection of material types and colors available.

Friendly Tip: Neutral colours pairs well with various scatter cushion colours. Need inspiration? View our furniture portfolio.

Patio Furniture/ Wicker Repairs

They are made to last

Ambesha Africa is proud to say that we have not received any call backs to repair furniture manufactured by us since we started manufacturing in 2016. 

We do repairs on all types of wicker furniture.

You do not have to own an Ambesha Africa patio set to receive this service, we offer our repair services to anyone who owns wicker furniture.

Ambesha Africa Custom Patio Furniture Repairs

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